Clothing Styles in Korean Culture

Clothing style in Korean culture is an important part of their everyday appearance They tend to wear long-sleeved button-down shirts, especially when walking in the summer. This style of shirt is often oversized and baggy, allowing them to be cool without showing too much skin. The most common color of this shirt is white, but other colors are also popular, especially blue and red. Generally, this style is more appropriate for men than women, but there are exceptions.

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Hanbok is another traditional garment that is a staple in the Korean fashion scene. Hanbok has a very distinct design that is easily recognisable. During the Joseon Dynasty, for instance, variations in hanbok’s design were used to denote an individual’s gender, social class, and marital status. This was in line with the neo-Confucian ideas of the time, which discouraged people from showing too much skin or body shape. Men’s hanbok was typically made up of a jeogori, or jacket-like upper garment, and a baji or trousers, while women wore chima, or skirts.

Nowadays, many young people enjoy wearing a variety of outfits that are inspired by K-dramas and music videos. K-pop idols are also a huge influence on contemporary fashion in Korea, earning them a powerful celebrity status worldwide. Their styles are often a mix of grunge and glam, which can give their look a unique edge. In addition, monochrome outfits are a big trend in Korean fashion, with all pieces being a single shade or tone to create a clean and elegant appearance.


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